Automated Manifest System

It is amazing to see how the ocean freight shipping industry has embraced technology. One of the best examples of the industry using technology involves the software known as an Automated Manifest System (AMS). Essentially this is a special multi-modular cargo inventory system that is connected directly with US Customs. The purpose of the system is for the electronic notification of the inventory of ocean freight containers.
The Automated Manifest System is a fantastic example of how the industry embraced technology to make improvements in the way things are typically done. The Automated Manifest System streamlines the container inventory process, which improves the flow of things in a supply chain. US Customs, which designs and monitors the Automated Manifest System, likes it because it improves security. In the past decade, US Customs has been determined to make the cargo transportation process safer for all. In addition to ocean shipping, the Automated Manifest System is also used for airfreight and trucking freight.
There are many reasons for why the Automated Manifest System is used. It is faster to complete inventory tasks online and it requires less printed paperwork. It is also far easier for logistics professionals to file everything electronically. Without the Automated Manifest System, there would be more interference for US Customs, because they would still need to monitor all of the cargo. There would also be longer transit times without the system. Companies that do not use an Automated Manifest System could also face fines from the Federal Government.