Becoming a Shipping Agent

Many international shipping and logistics companies are tied in with other companies. Some are partners, some have built a tight relationship with their customers, some are agents of a larger company. No matter the tie in, there can be both good and bad things about combining services with another company. An agent in particular can be particularly intimidating if you have never been integrated that way before.

Becoming an agent can be a great way to develop your business without as much risk as starting new processes on your own. Many times it is a matter of signing a contract and getting started. Most partnerships in the international logistics industry are built to allow both sides to expand their global shipping services. They are very straight forward and most of the time they have one aspect of the supply chain that they are looking to integrate. For instance, has API integration that could allow quicker rate quotes and easier information flow. This could bring your business to a new level and enable you to reach a bigger market.

Whatever the aspect of business that you are looking to integrate, it is important to do your homework. Any company that is worth joining will be open with their expectations and answer all of your questions. They want the relationship to work too. Get references, check business information and if you can, try to work with someone who has done this before. They will know the right questions to ask and can help you walk through the process from an agent’s point of view. Becoming an agent to another company’s services can seem like a lot of work at first, but once you get started, it can be lucrative for both companies involved.