Instant Quotes Calculator

This week, the team set out to evaluate our new shipping freight calculator. With simplicity in mind, our goal has been to provide instant quotes and cheap international shipping for all types of cargo: both less than container loads and container freight rates. Our platform provided over 500 different quotes for our sample shipments. Our shipping freight calculator is able to produce instant quotes from any US door to any port, worldwide. In addition to instant pricing, our aggressive contracts with every major steamship line make able to offer incredible container freight rates. We know that cheap International shipping is important, but we also take pride in excellent customer service. Our system also provides online booking capability, so you'll be able to get your container freight rates, and make a booking without having to send a single email or make any phone calls. For these reasons, will be able to save your company both time and money with our innovative technology. Contact our sales team today for your login and password, which will allow you to access our shipping freight calculator right away.