Can carriers give me a rebate?

Everyone is always looking for a great deal, especially in international freight shipping. Often, those who ship international freight will call up various carriers and try to find the best container shipping rate possible. Usually, shippers will not find a big discount simply by calling individual carriers. However, there is one thing that shippers can look forward to in the form of a rebate. Often, you might find a carrier with a special program that offers a deferred rebate to those international ocean freight shippers. The carrier provides a refund that is part of the total freight-shipping price if the shipper agrees to send all of their freight with that carrier for a certain period of time. The shipper would then receive the rebate after the shipment.

In order to receive the rebate, the shippers must agree to send all of their containers during a set period of time only with that carrier. Although the set period of time does vary based on the carrier, the industry standard is a minimum of 6 months. For shipping carriers, a deferred rebate program creates more long-term customers by rewarding the most loyal shippers. The deferred rebate has existed in the maritime industry for many decades. It is different from other rebates that are given back to shippers when they pay up front.

Of course, the best way for shippers to get a great deal is to work with a freight forwarder who can provide access to the best rates for the biggest carriers around the World.