Collapsible Containers

Most of the non-bulk cargo that is shipped around the globe today is in a container. Thus, the dynamics of the container can play an important role in today’s international economy. One big issues relating to the ocean freight containers concerns the storage of empty containers. Whether on a ship, in a terminal, a warehouse or a container yard, empty containers could take up unnecessary space. This is a waste of money, and there is a waste of time involved stacking these empty containers.
To solve this dilemma of empty containers, which are almost inevitable, the usage of collapsible containers have been growing in the industry. Although in the past some flat rack containers might be collapsible, these are standard empty containers that can now be collapsed like an accordion. When this occurs, the container now only takes up to around 20% of the total space that a container would usually take up in storage. This is more efficient. In addition, a collapsible container is quick to fold, easy to maintain, lightweight and available in standard sizes of 20” and 40”. There is also some cost-savings involved. With more storage of container on a ship, there would be fewer trips per vessel, which means less fuel is used. This cost-saving opportunity could mean lower ocean freight rates and a lower carbon footprint. These containers are also made out of some composite materials.
Perhaps one day, the collapsible containers will take over the industry and become the new standard for shipping cargo by sea.