Flooded and Damaged Containers After Sandy

In the wake of a super storm like Sandy, there are many parts of the supply chain that will be affected. Maybe your shipping container was diverted to another area or maybe you had not been able to get it from the port since port operations were closed all week. It is possible that some of your containers were more than a little affected and they were damaged by the severe weather and flooding. In this case, there are losses that you will want to recover from that may include more than just mild damages. Many containers were full of water and contents inside were left in complete ruins. Some container shipping lines have written policies specifically relating to Hurricane Sandy and have asked for claims for damages to be submitted through the normal channels. Containers that were at the port awaiting shipment most likely have been surveyed and most shippers have already been contacted about their merchandise so that a smooth transition can be made.

As far as containers that have been imported and were no yet picked up before the super storm, the containers should be picked up and evaluated as a normal claim. This includes taking photos as the cargo is devanned and having everything documented and surveyed for the record before submitting a claim. Since there has been such devastation and depending on the steamship line used, you may need to contact a different office than you usually would for information. Your freight forwarder will be able to help you with getting you information on the carriers, but you can claim directly to the steamship line. As with any catastrophic event, it is important to be both thorough and patient to ensure your claim will be handled in the most efficient manner possible.