Container Demurrage

One of the most pressing fees for ocean freight container shipping is demurrage. Typically the demurrage fees occur after the time normally used for shipping is completed and the carrier or ocean vessel is still in possession of your container. This is a delay in time, and shippers will see their containers rack up demurrage fees left and right.

As an exporter, you must make sure that your documents for your container are in perfect condition. Otherwise, if the shipping carrier notices a glaring error on your shipping documents, they will not be able to move your container in time. As a result, you will now be paying additional demurrage fees. However, it is not just exporters who need to be on the look out. Importers can also receive demurrage charges too. If the free time has long expired after your cargo reaches the port, and the container has still not been picked up, you will be charged additional fees. This is because your container has to be stored by the shipping line either at the port or another facility nearby.

The best thing that importers and exporters can do to avoid costly demurrage fees is to double check all of your paperwork to make sure everything is perfect for your container to reach its destination. Every year, shippers throughout the World rack up demurrage fees due to errors with their paperwork or their shipping strategy. Plan ahead so that you do not end up with container demurrage.