Packing an Ocean Container

When companies first begin to ship their goods overseas, there can be a huge learning curve from what they are used to in shipping. Not only do they need to keep within the laws of the origin and destination countries, but they will also need to understand the basics like packing an ocean container. This is very important and if the goods do not arrive safely it can not only affect your profits, but it can affect good will between buyer and seller. Since one in six containers arrives at their destination in damaged condition, the probability of having a container arrive in less than perfect condition is much higher than you would think. The easiest and most secure way to pack or stuff a container is by using professionals to pack who can guarantee the safe arrival of your goods. Unfortunately many times this type of stuffing services can be too costly or too time consuming to be practical though. So they may have to load it on their own which means securing all of the cargo for the long trip without professional help. First it is important to either palletize or crate all of the goods being shipped. Shrink wrapping after can make all the difference in the world. When actually loading goods, it is best to keep the stacks as short as possible to avoid tipping and try to balance the weight in all four sections of the container. There are also websites and videos than can help figure out the best way to load a container. Being informed is in everyone's best interest. Getting proper shipping insurance on the container can also help. Although there are no laws to keep companies from loading incorrectly, if every company does their part, it could save millions of dollars every year.