Container Ship on Fire

In the international logistics industry there are thousands of container ships moving around the world every day and every day there are going to be issues that come up that could affect your cargo. Recently there was news of a container ship on fire and most of the shipping containers were burned in the process. While this is not something that happens every day, there is always a risk of this type of issue when shipping cargo internationally. In fact it is said that fires can account for about one third of all fatalities and injuries reported on container ships each year. This is definitely something companies will note when deciding to make a major shipping agreement with a steamship line.

Reputation is everything in shipping. If a steamship line does not have a good reputation, they will not be able to get shippers to pay a premium price and so on. Something like a fire on a ship can be a huge hit to a steamship line, especially if they are responsible for the accident because of hazardous materials on board. Usually ocean carriers have special teams that just work on how a container ship will be loaded and these types of accidents are exactly why. Once an explosion or a fire begins, it can be very difficult to contain on a ship and many containers can be caught in the blaze despite hoses and other safety measures on board.

Safety on a container ship is extremely important to ocean carriers. Between fires and other accidents like collisions, steamship lines need to keep a high level of safety for its employees as much as its container cargo. Accidents can also be costly with the losses of both the ship itself and the shipping cargo as well.