Container Service Charge

As your container is transporting across the world, there will be many different stops along the way. One of those stops could be at a container terminal. While the terminal has many practical applications in international freight shipping, there is a possible additional surcharge that all shippers should be aware of. It is a charge that you must know about when receiving a rate for shipping containers. This fee is known as the Container Service Charge, or as it also called throughout the industry as the CSC.
Essentially, the terminal applies the Container Service Charge on the carrier and subsequently applies it on the shipper. The Container Service Charge covers the expenses by the terminal relating to your containers. The expenses include their services of handling your container, storing your container for periods of time, the work of stacking your container and the work required to load and unload your container. Typically, the charge only applies at the terminal after arriving at the destination port. Sometimes for imports, shippers might get hit with another fee called the terminal-handling surcharge. This covers the same expenses but on the import side usually. The fees applies to containers of all sizes, include reefer containers. And if you are shipping multiple containers, you should consider that the Container Service Charge is based per container.
In the world of ocean freight shipping, the Container Service Charge can pop up and you should be prepared to cover that fee if it does apply.