Container Yards

Containers can go on a large journey when used for international freight shipping. Cargo gets loaded onto the containers. Then the containers get shipped overseas. Afterwards, there might be a storage period before the containers get transported via rail. If the shipment is a less than container load, then the cargo is removed from the container and shipped via truck to the destination.
One vital stop along the way for the container is next to the container terminal or the port where the vessels are. This stop is the container yard, which is also known as CY. The main purpose of the container yard is to have laden containers held there before or after an ocean voyage. Thus, the container yard is used for both export and import shipments.
The container yard is a very important place that every shipper, agent, logistics company, importer and exporter should be well aware of. If you have ever seen a photograph of containers stacked in piles next to the cranes at the port, then the chances are that you have seen a container yard. Because of the storage capabilities, the container yard can play an important role in the container terminals. In many ways, container shipping would be vastly different if not for the container yards. These container yards can also hold empty containers near the terminal, which will be ready for the next cargo shipment that comes in.