Containers with Tarpaulin Covers

Not all shipping containers are fully enclosed. Some containers used in transporting freight are considered to be open-top when the bottom and walls of a 20’ or a 40’ container are intact, but the top of the container is fully open. Some shippers might be cautious about shipping their precious cargo with the container wide open on the top. However, there is no need to fear since the open-top containers normally have a tarpaulin cover, which is easily removable. The tarpaulin cover protects against inclement weather. And the slang term used to describe the open-top container and the tarpaulin cover is “rag top” or sometimes called “soft top”.

Every freight shipment is unique. Sometimes, your cargo might be best described as awkward or unusual, and will not fit in a normal 20’ or 40’ container. That is why an open-top container might be a good option for certain ocean freight shipments. It could especially be an option for bulk materials. The strength of using an open-top container is the simplicity for loading and unloading of cargo from the top. A crane might also be used for the loading and unloading of some shipments inside of an open-top container.

Again, these “rag top” containers are not for every shipment. Please consult with your trusted shipping broker to see if these types of containers are right for your shipments. In addition to the tarpaulin cover, it should be noted that some open-top containers are available with a removable roof instead, although the tarpaulin covers are usually easier for carriers.