When you think of the important people who take a role in the transportation of your international freight, the list goes on. There are carriers, freight forwarders, brokers, agents, customs officers and many more. One person that you should always consider to include is the dockworker. In the world of international cargo shipping, the dockworker plays a vital role that cannot be ignored.

On a physical level, the dockworkers contribute immensely. These workers are usually responsible for loading and unloading of ocean freight containers to and from the ocean vessels, trucks or rail at the docks. Devices such as the winch are used by the dockworkers to move cargo. For break bulk, cranes could be used at the dock. In addition to the physical attributes of being a dockworker, the dockworkers play an important role in safety and security. Usually, a dockworker will help with the inspection process by examining the cargo before it gets shipped across the ocean.

Although we may call them dockworkers, there may be different names for them across the world. Some of these common names include stevedore, docker and longshoreman. No matter what terminology you use, it all refers to dockworkers. Sometimes, a shipper might overlook the importance of dockworkers in international shipping. However, shippers should remember that dockworkers could strike from their job at any time and at any port around the World. That means that a dockworker strike could impact your shipment. Thus, dockworkers play an extremely important role in your shipping operations.