Domestic Air

Shipping by air is only for top priority or particularly precious cargo especially for larger loads. Not only is there less space to accommodate cargo compared to truck or ship, but it is extremely expensive by comparison. This is true for both domestic and international airfreight though most domestic shippers have more options for their freight. Domestic shippers generally only use airfreight when they know there is no other way to get their cargo to its destination quickly for either freshness or late orders. Otherwise they could easily use trucking or even rail.

Domestic airfreight relies on speed even more than international so shipping companies will many times offer same day service as part of their freight shipping services. This way the trucking companies cannot compete for the more urgent cargo. Many also offer 2 day and 3 day services and will guarantee the dates and times of delivery. This allows freight brokers to charge the higher freight rates with good conscience and can be a great selling feature for using their airfreight services.

Before signing on with a specific carrier for domestic freight, be sure the company you are choosing is using reliable carriers and can provide regular updates for your shipments. There are some logistics providers who claim to have the best services but cannot back up their claims. If you check up on them before using a new carrier you will be better equip to avoid problems with your freight in the future.