Donations for Disasters

Every year there are natural disasters and catastrophic events around the world where people need assistance and have lost homes as well as all of their belongings. When disaster strikes it is not always easy to figure out how to help. The shipping industry can be particularly useful to help in a crisis. Not only do they have a constant flow of goods to all areas of the globe, but many times, they have a vested interest in helping to rebuild; especially if a port or a major outlet for commerce has been affected. With that in mind, shipping companies of all kinds jump in to help with the movement of donated goods. Sometimes, it could be discounted containers and LTL space or sometimes it may even be free depending on the situation. Ocean carriers will fit donation containers in on vessels that have open spaces which can severely lower freight costs. LTL carriers will add these goods to trucks that are already going that way for smaller shipments and will discount the runs for larger shipments to join in the aid. These are some of the most useful resources for nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity since these nonprofits operate solely on donations. These are also open to private companies thatwill donate more than money. If ever a disaster comes around and your company has committed to donating goods to help, be sure to advise the company you are shipping with since they will most likely be able to discount the shipment and donate the services to assist as well.