Drewry Maritime Research

Whenever a new study in the ocean freight shipping industry gets released, the carriers read these studies very carefully. These studies include important information about the current state and future outlook of the freight shipping world. One major voice between a vast majorities of these studies is Drewry Maritime Research. Based in the United Kingdom, Drewry Maritime Research has established itself as a shipping industry leader by providing vital research and information pertaining to international maritime transportation. Industry executives in shipping read and consistently depend on Drewry Maritime Research.
Drewry Maritime Research specializes in gathering studies and research that industry experts crave. Their analysis and research gets published to the public on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Their information is generally regarded as so important that many industry executives base their decisions partly on the analysis provided by Drewry Maritime Research. The information gathered by Drewry Maritime Research includes equity or investment details for the maritime industry. The research overall can focus on different shipping markets, types of freight forwarders and different ocean freight shipping methods such as container shipping, dry bulk and tankers. The analysis also includes projected forecasts for the future of cargo shipping.
Drewry Maritime Research also offers shipping advisors that can be helpful for shipping clients. Carriers, vessel operators and logistics managers all read the analysis from Drewry Maritime Research. Shippers should be aware of Drewry Maritime Research and how their research can help shape the shipping industry.