Before shipping to a new international location, a shipper must do a little research on that new nation. Occasionally, a nation might have an embargo placed on it from the United States. For those who are unaware, an embargo is essentially a ban on trade for a particular nation against another nation. Believe it or not, embargos still exit in today’s global economy. When the US puts an embargo on another nation, it can make ocean container shipping there very difficult, more costly and perhaps virtually impossible. The reason that any nation creates an embargo is to pressure that another nation to drastically change a certain policy. It is a diplomatic-driven approach. It is also an alternative for war sometimes, such as economic sanctions.
There are still some embargos around today. The United States still has an embargo with Cuba that is intact and has existed for many decades. One type of embargo used is called an Arms Embargo, which prevents the trade of weapons. Most embargos are used with those nations that to do not get along with our nation, but they can also exist for safety reasons between allies. For example, just a few years ago, the United States had an Embargo with Japan because of possible radiation fallout from the 2011 earthquake. Before shipping, it is vital that shippers are aware of which nations have an embargo. This policy goes for importing and exporting goods