Export Shipments

Export shipping refers to the transportation of freight from the United States to other nations. This is the way the global economy works. Even as we are shipping in 2014, we should examine the state of the US export market from last year. In 2013, US exports totaled $2.3 Billion. These export shipments helped lower the US trade deficit to a new five-year low. And these shipments supported 11.3 million US jobs, which is also a record. The national industries that saw an increase in export shipping last year include cars, goods and petroleum. Wine exports from California also reached a new record high.
Most cargo is exported in the container shipping process. So it is important to know how exactly the process works and the rules involved. That is why working with a logistics provider is so important when dealing with international shipping. There are so many rules to follow that an expert will be needed to help out. There are laws for determining the export class for the cargo. The destination port might have their own laws that shippers would have to obey. If you are shipping hazardous materials, help will be needed there as well. There are documents like that bill of lading that must be filled out properly in order for the export shipping process to work.
It is great to see that the export industry is growing. But the rules must be followed in order to make sure that the process works.