Focus on India

The country of India is an emerging market in the world with a diverse and open economy. It is no wonder companies have been changing their focus to include India in their forecasting for international shipping. Not only does the Indian population have an open economy, but half of the country has a fairly well educated population where many of its people speak English fluently which can be important for international trade. It is a relatively untapped market that has been creeping up to become a new important part of the world economy.

With every new market, there are risks that will need to be addressed. With India, there is a severely poor part of the population that has been a burden in the past but is recently beginning to help itself. More Indian companies are focusing on products and services that can be handled by the lower economic classes. They are working hard to market to the people that can not afford much but are looking for a better life. In general the country encourages its people to be entrepreneurs and families will band together to make small businesses happen. The key will be to keep these businesses in India instead of exporting or immigrating to other countries.

More recently the Indian government has finally begun to work harder on its infrastructure paving roads which can be better for logistics and building facilities that can overall help its economy. It seems the problems for India come when its ethic diversity and government corruption get in the way. The more companies build a better economy though, the more we will see less of these issues. Many economists fully expect India to become a major market in the world economy in the near future.