Freight Broker

A common shipping fallacy for newcomers is to get a rate directly from the carrier. The best place to get an ocean container shipping quote is from an ocean freight shipping broker. In the international shipping industry, the broker works with both the carrier and the shipper. Their goal is to arrange the shipment to work within the plan and budget of the shipper. The focus of the broker is also to provide individual and outstanding customer service.

A broker usually finds the best rates for international shipping. Through their high buying power and connections, they can provide quotes from the leading carriers who ship to and from major base ports around the World everyday. And a broker might also be able to negotiate even better spot rates for you depending on the volume that you are shipping to certain ports. The broker who handled your ocean freight will usually be listed on the bill of lading. Finding a good broker should be part of your research. The best brokers offer instant quote technology online and great customer service. They should also provide less-than-container load (LCL) shipping.

It should be noted that a freight broker is different from a customs broker. In the shipping industry, the customers broker, who is legally licensed by the country they work in, is in charge for making sure that imports are cleared by customs upon entering the country. That is why you should know the difference between a customs broker and a freight broker.