Gang at the Docks

When you hear that someone is in gang, you might automatically think of some sort of criminal activity. However, in the ocean freight shipping industry, being in a gang is a good thing. A gang is a term used to describe a group of stevedores, or dock workers, who work directly under a manager or supervisor. The main task of a gang is to help on the part of the vessel at the dock during the loading and unloading of the cargo from the ship.
Usually, there are about four or five stevedores in a gang. However, that number could vary based on certain procedures at a specific port or the type of commodity that is being loaded or unloaded. The members of the gang must work together to complete their jobs at the docks. In order for a stevedore to be in a gang, there is a certain physical skill set, and working knowledge of international shipping procedures required. These members should be trained in the proper rules and must certified to be in a gang. The gang members are listed in an official roster.
The supervisor is accountable for overseeing the gang. If a dockworker in the gang fails to show up to work, then the supervisor must locate a suitable replacement. All shippers involved in international container transportation must be aware and appreciate the work that the members of the gang do at the port. Without their help, the shipping process would be more complicated.