Global Shippers Forum

With all of the organizations in the shipping industry that are for the ocean freight carriers, shippers might wonder if there is an organization that caters to their causes. That is where the Global Shippers Forum comes into play. Founded in 2011, the Global Shippers Forum is an organization that helps the shippers. According to their website, they are the “World’s leading trade association for shippers.”
The Global Shippers Forum is a non-profit group and they have a board of directors that runs it. Essentially, the Global Shippers Forum influences decisions regarding international ocean freight shipping. They lobby foreign Governments on behalf of the shippers regarding issues of container shipping. Over the years, the Global Shippers Forum has accomplished new reforms that have aided shippers everywhere. In the future, the Global Shippers Forum hopes to campaign to Governments and carriers about new reforms that will improve the ocean freight transportation process.
Shippers everywhere should take notice of the Global Shippers Forum. If a shipper constantly engages in foreign trade, then joining this organization can be very important. Currently, Global Shippers Forum maintains an organization in the United States for shippers, as well as other nations and continents. The name of organization in the United States is the National Industrial Transportation Association. Hundreds of shippers are members of this organization. And ever year, they hold a national conference for their members across the US.