High-Cube Containers

Sometimes a shipper might transport their goods in a standard size container. But there are numerous sizes of containers on the market and each of them serve a different purpose in international container shipping. One of these different containers is a high-cube container. This type is very similar to a standard 40-foot wide container. However, a high-cube container is exactly one foot taller. Instead of a traditional 8.6-foot high container, the high-cube is 9.6-feet tall. That extra foot of space on top can make a tremendous difference for some shippers. Typically, the high-cube container is a good container to use for cargo that is of a larger volume, particularly in height, but still somewhat light.
The high-cube container is also available in varying options of width. There is a version that is 45-feet wide and another version that is 53-feet wide. At the bottom a high-cube container is a recess that is on the floor. The purpose of this is to ensure that the freight inside stays straight when traveling. After arriving at the port, it is very much possible to transport the high-cube container by rail. However, in some nations like the United Kingdom, the railroad structures might not be tall enough to handle these types of containers. Usually, the ocean freight quote for a high-cube container is different than the rate for a standard container. But if shipper really needs a high-cube container, then they are available as an option.