Human Trafficking in Shipping Containers

Every once in awhile we hear about people trying to move groups of people illegally between countries in shipping containers. Some even go so far as to set up a 40’container like a small apartment in an attempt to bring someone in to the United States illegally. Others just try to cross through boarder crossings as if a standard international shipment. Either way, it is not only illegal, but dangerous to national security as well.

When it comes to human trafficking, so many different issues can come up. Some human trafficking issues are related to buying and selling slaves from foreign countries. The shippers make huge promises to groups of unsuspecting people, many times young women, and then tell them that they will help them get set up with a better life. Meantime, the people that are involved are actually criminals who lie, cheat and steal from them. These instances are particularly disturbing because they are spending their life savings to be treated better, but end up much worse.

Other instances can include smuggling people in that would not normally be allowed through US borders. Maybe they are drug and arms dealers or maybe they are wanted on a terrorist list and are a threat to national security. People have been found as stowaways on container ships as well as in the backs of drayage trucks moving from the ports.

No matter what type of human trafficking, this is a huge issue for the shipping industry. Not only can it be a monetary issue, but it is not safe for anyone and can cost lives as well. Although we do not see these types of stories often, there are many people attempting to move people this way every year. If we are all diligent in reporting we can save lives and protect our country from these outlaws.