Is it Easier to Import or Export with Asia?

With everything happening in the world, new companies may think they have greater challenges than they would have if they had started their business even 5 years ago. Asia in particular has become a harder area to figure since there are so many different types of port cities and governments to deal with. With that in mind, is it easier to import to or export from Asia? The short answer is: it depends on the country and the product. As much as Asia is one continent and referred to as a single group since it is a specific trade lane, there are so many different parts of trade to and from Asia. For instance, importing from China has quotas that are a great consideration. On the other hand, exporting textiles is significantly less taxing since the trade is not as heavy of a flow. The biggest problem in moving goods to and from Asia right now is that it has more recently become a seriously unbalanced trade lane. And unfortunately the trouble Japan has had recovering from its natural disaster has not helped. Not only do they have less international shipping containers arriving in the area, but international cargo shipping in general has slowed down so much that shipping lines are constantly changing freight shipping rates. This is an attempt to keep up with the changes and hopefully help to revive it. With the ever changing shipping industry and global economy, the answer to this question is ever changing as well.