Finding a Good Supplier

For many import companies, finding a good supplier can be the key to growth in their businesses. Not only do suppliers control the front end of the supply chain, but they also control the quality of the product itself. That alone can be a concern for companies looking for new import suppliers. Luckily there are websites online that can help with determining suppliers that are available and willing to make your product. Not all of these are reputable, but by using a site that has global resources listed, you may also be able to see reviews concerning the suppliers you are interested in. It is also possible to contact the U.S. Embassy in the country you are looking to source from. Many times they will have a listing of reliable suppliers and will be able to give you a little background on them. These are not always fool proof, but they can be a good start.

Another easy way to find out international suppliers is by going to trade shows. As much as trade shows can sometimes lack substance, they do present a lot of other companies that do business in the same industry. This can be very beneficial for both referrals and general information about potential suppliers and you can meet people in person before partnering. Once established, you can go one step further and check around with your freight forwarder or other company with global shipping services as to the reputation of this new supplier.

As with any new partnership it is important to do your homework. Look at their quality and pricing as well as other issues like the general dynamics between the two companies. If it is a good fit it will save you in the end. Many times companies get so caught up in pricing and packaging that they create a relationship that will not work. No matter who you choose to partner with, making sure you are both going in the same direction and have the same expectations can save both time and money in getting your product out.