In-Bond Shipments

Shipping freight into the United States requires some special knowledge. That is why the best shippers team up with a Freight Forwarder who has a Customs Clearance Broker** in that nation. A US Customs Broker can help with the complicated process of getting commercial cargo into the United States legally and easily. For first-time importers, the shipping process of freight to the US can sound difficult. That is why the process is worth explaining.
In order to import goods worth over $2500 into the United States, a Customs Bond is required for the party that is receiving the goods. The reason that US Customs requires that the Customs Bond must be posted is for safety and security purposes. The bond also shows proof from the importer that the applicable US duties and taxes will be paid. US Customs will hold that shipment if the bond has never been posted. This what the term in-bond shipment refers to, which is for a shipment that not yet cleared Customs. That is why it is important that shippers post their bonds so that they can receive their shipment from Customs. After all, this is an important aspect in shipping ocean freight to the US.
There are two different types of bonds that shippers can acquire for importing purposes. A single bond can be used for just a one-time shipper, and the Port Director usually sets the rate. A continuous bond is for those shippers who constantly ship freight to US ports throughout the year.