Infested Shipping Container

In the shipping industry there are some things that just never seem like they will be a problem. We ship every week and see the fumigation certificate and know that our cargo is safe from infestation of creatures from another country. Sometimes shipping containers get pests and fumigating can be the only way to control it. People may ship containers internationally for years and never have a problem with insect or rodent infestations. Then one day they get a call that their container has been turned away and is being sent back to its origin and this small infestation that never happens has become a huge problem. Not only will your company be out the full container of inventory, but your customers will be out as well and you may lose the orders.

When you find out that your container has been quarantined or it is being sent back to origin, your first thought is of the money you will lose. This is not always the case. Depending on the type of infestation it may mean that you can have the container fumigated upon arrival. While shipping companies do not want to lose money themselves they are also not looking to hold on to your infested cargo. Once you have fumigated, it will be important to contact both the company that did the original fumigation abroad as well as having your cargo completely inspected before allowing it to be loaded into you warehouse. Having an infested shipping container can be a concern, but it does not always mean that you will lose your orders. Just be sure to do a full inspection before sending the cargo out for sale.