International Holidays

When someone says shipping is a global business, they are correct. Businesses engage in international container shipping with partners all across the globe in different countries. When a business ships with another nation, they should consider any cultural differences between the nations. The reason for this is because each nation will have their own separate holidays that you cannot ship during.
A great example is in the Far East. China is a major shipping power and businesses ship freight to and from China all of the time. During Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, it can be almost impossible to ship to or from there. In China, as well as in other Far East countries, many factories and other businesses shut down for as many as 15 days during this holiday. That means that a supply chain will be impacted. And in case a business keeps an eye out for this holiday, it should be noted that the dates for Chinese New Year vary each year. It could start in late as January, or early February.
It’s not just China. Nations all across the World have their own unique holidays that they celebrate. Some nations set federal holidays based on religious days on the calendar. And other holidays exist as a result of a national celebration, such as a nation’s independence day. It is important for shippers to keep track of these holidays with the nations that they ship with.