LASH Vessels

There are many types of vessels in the ocean used for international freight shipping. And while we usually focus on the larger vessels that transport freight, we sometimes neglect to think of the smaller vessels that help with the transportation process. A LASH vessel, which stands for Lighter Aboard Ship, is primarily concerned with loading and unloading barges. The LASH vessels will move the barges from the inland river locations and deliver them to the larger ships at the actual ports. There is also a crane involved that is used for loading and unloading cargo.

Since its inception over 45 years ago, the LASH vessel, which was invented in the United States, played an important role in international cargo transportation. At the time they were created, many logistics experts considered them to be a breakthrough in the industry. The main result of the services of a LASH vessel is the smoother transportation. The LASH Vessel increased the efficiency of cargo shipping at sea and helped normalize the size of the cargo on ships. When the LASH vessel was created, the economic impact was astounding. Because of the smoother shipping process with barges, the LASH vessel saved vast amount of money and time. And unlike larger ships, LASH vessels usually maintained more annual operational time.

In recent year however, LASH Vessels are not preferred everywhere. This is due to the current ease of container shipping, as well as added expenses and regulations from LASH vessels. The industry will continue to see what role LASH vessels play in the future.