Multipurpose Ship

With many different types of vessels transporting freight across the globe all of the time, sometimes the type of vessel that will transport your cargo depends on the nature of your freight. Typically, containers are transported on container ships. Breakbulk goes on a breakbulk ship. Refrigerated cargo gets put on a reefer ship. Even oil has their own type of tanker for transportation. However, there is one type of ship that is so versatile that it can transport all of the above items and more. This ship is called a multipurpose vessel.

As the name of the ship implies the motive, the multipurpose ship can transport it all, like containers, bulk and breakbulk cargo. This also includes liquid cargo. And everyday, these multipurpose ships travel across the globe. You might be asking how these multipurpose ships can pull it off all of the time. They ships are uniquely designed by engineers to handle any type of freight. As a result of the versatility of this vessel, the crew of these ships has to be flexible with their schedule so that they can be ready to pick up any type of cargo from any port at any time to any port around the World. And the sizes of multipurpose ships are also robust to hold a vast amount of cargo onboard.

Speak to your logistics provider to see if your international ocean cargo is being transported on one of these multipurpose ships. Whether they are not, you have to appreciate the service that these vessels provide.