No Objection Certificate

Freight shipping with India continues to grow in popularity. In recent years, India and the United States have engaged in over $80 Billion worth of trade annually. And logistics analysts expect that number to grow, which is why many supply chains are looking to see how they might be able to ship with India more often. After all, there could be good container shipping rates to India.

There is a one important document that any shipper who sends their containers to India should be made aware of. India sometimes enforces a document called the No Objection Certificate (NOC). This is sometimes referred to as a Letter of No Objection, but a No Objection Certificate remains the most popular term of the two. The No Objection Certificate can be issued by the Government, an agency, a business, an organization and sometimes on rare occasions as an individual. In essence, the No Objection Certificate states that the entity that composed the letter does not object to the agreements in the certificate as it relates to shipping.

Major carriers, like Maersk Line, have some rules in place for the No Objection Certificate when shipping with India. That is because when shipping freight to India, a No Objection Certificate might be needed when amending the shipping manifest. It could especially be required from the old consignee if the new consignee required the changes in the manifest. There is sometimes a fee for this. If you are shipping to India, speak with your logistics provider to see if you need to have a No Objection Certificate.