Pirates in Shipping

Pirates in the international shipping industry have been a problem for as long as there have been ships moving cargo. In the past year there have been steps taken on an international scale in order to combat these pirates and make the seas safe to travel. Unfortunately the legislation has done little to deter these pirates and as soon as a few days ago there were more instances of piracy on the sea. So what can international shipping companies do to better protect their cargo? Do we need to stay out of these regions all together? Most people agree that staying out is not the answer and they need to start taking action to make sure keeping out of the region is not the only option.

Shipping vessels that have their own protection have become the biggest deterrent for pirates in places like off the Somali coast. The more private security a vessel has, the better off they are when hijackers come. More recently hired guns have saved multiple ships from getting taken over. Most people attribute it to creating fear in hijackers. If they are climbing up the side of a ship while someone is pointing a gun at them, it can send those pirates to another less dangerous operation. Since many pirates have also gone high tech, they have access to much more information about shipping cargo on the ships as well. Keeping shipping container information as private as possible and keeping security as high as possible can be the answer to ever increasing problem of pirates on the high seas.