Port of Long Beach

When a business ships ocean containers to and from the United States, there are numerous US ports that can be used for exporting or importing that container. If you are shipping on the West Coast, there is a good chance that the Port of Long Beach might be where your container is heading. The Port of Long Beach is the 2nd busiest port on the West Coast and in the United States. Internationally, it is the 21st busiest container port. Therefore, it is very important to have an understanding about the Port of Long Beach if you are shipping ocean freight in the US.
Since it’s founding in 1911, the Port of Long Beach has made a tremendous impact on ocean freight shipping. Every year, the Port of Long Beach imports and exports over 3.65 Million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit). This amount of containers equates to a $155 Billion value on the cargo that is at the port every year. 90% of the cargo at this US Port is shipped with nations in East Asia. As a result of the vast amount of cargo moved at the Port of Long Beach, there are 1.4 million jobs associated with this port.
The City of Long Beach Harbor Department manages the operations of the port. It should be noted that the Port of Long Beach has been on the forefront of environmental-friendly shipping with their Green Port Policy and Clean Truck Program. Both of these policies have reduced the pollution at the port.