Reefer Containers

In recent years, refrigerated shipping container industry has grown exponentially and as a result the containers themselves have changed. When people think of shipping items like produce, beer and wine, or dairy products and fish, there are several things that need to be addressed in order for the cargo to arrive intact and with little damage. One of the largest considerations is the container in which they will be shipped. Reefer containers now are not the same as our grandfathers used. Not only are there significant upgrades in climate control, but the cargo containers themselves now have a lower tare weight for maximum utilization. These containers can also be equipped with various types of special equipment inside that will assist depending on the type of commodity that will be shipped. This includes high humidity for different types of produce, super freezers for certain types of fish that need to be kept at low temperatures as well as sorting containers that allow for fish to be sorted as they are loaded. It is an incredible change from the one type of reefer that ocean carriers offered without these additional considerations. There are even reefers set up to allow fishermen to discharge their fish directly from their fishing boats to the reefer container. This allows for speed to market as well as low discard rates. The latest reefers that designers are creating will allow for lower CO2 emissions than ever before. Commodities that require refrigeration have never before been at this level of care and it helps the consumers as well.