Relationships of a Freight Forwarder

Whether you are involved in importing or exporting, you must understand the delicate relationships that a freight forwarder has with other parties in the shipping process. The freight forwarder maintains special relationships with all of the different parties involved in the process of shipping international containers. That is why many freight forwarders have built such a tremendous reputation in the industry. Sometimes, a freight forwarder has a special second title, known as an NVOCC, whish stands for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. This helps in the international shipping process.
By harnessing all of their relationships in the industry, freight forwarders can function with numerous roles and responsibilities that are beneficial to shippers. One of those responsibilities involves making a transshipment of the freight from the major ports to the minor ports or to other destinations via trucking and rail. Freight forwarders have built-in relationships to provide warehousing options for those shippers who need to store cargo. The freight forwarder can provide liability insurance for shippers in case the worst happens while in transit. To give shippers a peace of mind, the freight forwarder can save time on the shipping process due to their immense knowledge of fees, duties and shipping paperwork. And because of their relationships with the carriers, the freight forwarders can pass on these immense savings to the ocean freight quotes to shippers. Therefore, we should all be thankful to freight forwarders and their many relationships in the shipping industry today.