Handling Sandy and the Holidays

For most of us in this time of extreme recession, there are a lot of cutbacks. In the Northeast United States however, consumers have been hit with tremendous losses from hurricane Sandy as well. They are not only facing the holidays in a recession, but they are facing many more issues that go way beyond what would be considered normal. People have lost not only their furniture and belongings, but many have lost their photos and memorabilia which can be more precious than anything else. Most are holding tight to their families and friends and volunteering where they can, not necessarily spending the extra money and time that usually goes into buying gifts. This could also mean less of a need for cargo shipments which could affect the shipping industry this holiday season.

For those of us in the shipping and trucking industries, this means a switch in priorities for many of our customers. The switch to gloves and work boots over more frivolous items in many cases, but the generosity of people all over will still lead us to replacing the objects that were lost like toys and household items. Right now the Northeast has been facing logistics shortages, especially for trucks so it can be an opportunity to pick up loads that might not usually be available. This is not to take advantage of the situation but rather to help the movement of cargo in and out of the areas. Getting companies to join in the efforts of cleaning out has become the priority, but there are a lot of freight companies that can still be a part of the commerce. It is just as important to keep the flow of goods moving as it is to clear out the debris. If we all work together, we can make it a fairly normal holiday season for many of those affected by the storm.