Sandy’s Supply Chain Interruptions

When looking at a storm like Sandy, we can see that companies can be affected in various ways. What kind of impact has Sandy made on our supply chains? Where is my cargo? Where can I put my cargo while my warehouse is unavailable? Who is going to pay for all of this damage? It raises many questions and unfortunately it might take some mild detective work to find out everything you want to know about your cargo. Looking at each part of the supply chain will help you to identify where you need to direct your attention. Working with your partnered companies like you freight forwarder can help get the information on outstanding shipments, diversions, and even available warehousing if that is part of their freight forwarding services. It is easier if you can break apart the supply chain and work one piece at a time.

Unfortunately most every international shipping company in the Northeast is in a similar position. Because of this you may not be able to get the immediate answers you are looking for, but getting organized can be just as important. By now you should know where your shipments are and where they will need to come in from. You could also have an interim warehouse space if yours is unavailable and have some alternative options for bringing your cargo in. With both Sandy and the nor’easter behind us and better weather ahead, most shipments should be able to move to their final destinations. Whether moving in from the south or the mid west, most interruptions can be circumvented at this point. In most cases cargo can move safely through the supply chain once again.