Security at the Ports

Protecting the freight of shippers inside of the containers is paramount at the ocean freight ports. It is also important to protect the dockworkers at the port as well. For those reasons, ports are investing heavily in security. Seatrade Global recently reported in their publication that a private security company that services ports has seen a 16% increase in their business. This fact is part of the growing industry related to port security. That is why all international freight shippers should be aware of this important issue of security.
There are numerous examples of how ports are beefing up their security operatives. Video surveillance cameras at the port allow the security officers to monitor the activity and to spot suspicious activity. There are also security guards at the port. Some of these guards are armed with weapons, and some may not have weapons yet. The reason that ports invest in security is to protect the workers, limit any stolen cargo, prevent illegal substances from entering in container shipments and to defend against possible terrorist activities. Terrorism has been at the forefront of port security for a few years now. In 2002, US Customs and Border Protection launched the Container Security Initiative. This plan uses intelligence to detect and pre-screen questionable cargo before it arrives at the US ports.
The next time you ship ocean freight containers, you should also have the peace of mind to know that the ports are focused on providing the best security possible.