Shipper’s Associations

When international shippers begin shipping a new product, they many times will look at container shipping costs from the worst case scenario. They take estimated freight shipping costs and work them into their supply chains never realizing that there may be a better way. This is where being a part of a shipper’s associations can help. There are many companies who do not ship very large volumes and as a result do not get as favorable of freight shipping rates as other companies in the same trade lanes.

A shipper’s association is a group that has gotten together for the specific reason of getting lower international freight rates for its members. They are usually non-profit organizations and are usually looking for members that ship the same commodity or in the same trade lane order to negotiate volume rates with specific freight carriers. For instance, if you are shipping food, maybe you would join the Food Shippers of America or if you are shipping fashion accessories, you may join Gemini who evolved from the Fashion Accessories Shipping Association (FASA).

There are many shipper’s associations that ship their goods all over the world for better rates as a result of joining. Usually there is only a nominal fee for joining since the more shipments they can secure, the better the volume rates they can secure. No matter what you are shipping it can be a great asset to be a member of a shippers association. No only can it connect you to other companies in the same realm as you, but it can save you a lot in freight costs.