Shipping at a Factory Level

Most people in the United States do not realize the extent of variety and capabilities of each mode of transportation that moves around the country every day. It is a given that those of us in the logistics industry have extended knowledge when looking at a container ship or a semi truck as we are going about our day. But what we know off hand as shippers can be only half of what we can learn from the people in the factories both here and abroad. After all it is these people that have to know how to package and properly load a cargo container for shipment and usually have a handle on the different options that can be available.

Obviously this type of information is available to everyone, but without being on the loading dock with each shipment, we probably would not notice unless there was a problem. For instance, did you know that international cargo containers can be specially outfitted for garments on hangers (GOH) or that containers can be equipped for sorting fruits and vegetables? While most freight shipping companies would be able to offer those services knowing the commodity, many do not have them advertized as part of their global shipping services. It is this kind of expertise that we can rely on from people at the factory level. This is also why it is important to properly research your shipping options when shipping a new product. Thankfully the factories are there to assist and can usually offer the best options available to properly load and ship your cargo.