Shipping Firearms

The Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is in charge of regulating the distribution of firearms in the United States. They are looking to disarm traffickers and keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. This is why there are so many things to consider when deciding to ship firearms. Shipping firearms can be tricky but if you know the laws and regulations it can be very similar to shipping other commodities.

There are various regulations that you will need to know before you can set up your shipment. If you are the seller, you do not need to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) but the recipient does need to have an FFL. You will need to advise the carrier that you are using that you are shipping firearms and they cannot require you to mark this on the packaging. If you do not have an FFL you can only ship to a dealer who has an FFL so you will need to get a copy of their FFL before shipping. Overall it is up to the licensed party to ensure that all regulations are followed. If you are shipping a large quantity you can check with a freight forwarder to be sure all items are covered.

No matter how you ship, be sure to check the ATF website before attempting to ship any type of firearms. Since firearms are a political hot topic right now, there will surely be changes that need to be addressed before shipping. As long as you follow these regulations and you are completely prepared, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel confident shipping firearms.