Shipping a Helicopter Abroad

Shipping a helicopter can seem like a daunting task. Helicopters are huge and cannot always fit in a shipping container, but there are several options that companies have to move larger items like these. No matter where you need to send it, there is a way that you can make it happen. Having a good team of shipping professionals can be your best start. There are companies available that specifically ship helicopters and will be willing to load your item and safely lock it down so that nothing will happen to it in transit.

The best way to get going is that you may want to find a freight forwarder who specializes in moving larger items. They may even have helicopters listed as part of their global shipping services. These companies can be found online and many times will say that this is their specialty. Even finding a company that sells helicopters can lead you in the right direction even if you did not purchase your vehicle from them. Most companies will be willing to share which freight forwarding companies they use for their international shipping moves.

No matter how you decide to ship your helicopter you should be sure to check into the company completely before using them. You want to make sure that their claims are true and you will not find your item mangled in a shipping container at the end of the move. Check references and make sure their insurance is verified so that you have all bases covered before getting your shipment moving abroad.