Shipping Insurance

What is shipping insurance? It is insurance coverage that protects cargo in the event of loss or damages during shipping. Do I get the shipping insurance? Even at the United States Post Office people have this question in mind. Is it worth it and what do I look for? For something small at the post office, it would depend on the value and where it is being sent, but that is also true for overseas shipping containers filled with goods. In international cargo shipping, if you are shipping rags or something with already low freight shipping rates, maybe you do not need insurance or at least as much insurance as you might if you were shipping bicycles. Also with cargo, you may be concerned with the environment. For instance if you are shipping electronics, there may be more concern for the container itself shifting in transit or having trouble in rough seas. Insurance can give more than just peace of mind it can save you from huge losses in the event of a problem. So what do I look for in an insurance provider? The best insurers will have varying levels of services to offer and will be up front with costs as well as the extent of their coverage. They should be able to cover your full value of goods, not just depreciated value and you should be able to contact them and speak to them directly, not just through email or their website. With a little research anyone can find good insurance to cover them and make it worthwhile in the event of a problem.