Shipping a New Product

For many companies, shipping has become second nature and there are already procedures set up based on previous shipments. Then once in awhile there is a shipment that is particularly different and needs special attention. So everyone goes online to find out how to handle it and come up with different ideas that have never been tried before. Many times companies forget to use their resources and struggle needlessly when new products are thrown into the mix. This is why growing companies hire import managers as well to keep their flow of goods moving. Global shipping services are readily available, but sometimes it is a matter of knowing what is available that will help with new products and situations. Meantime, the easiest thing to do if you are already shipping regularly is to call your freight forwarding company. Not only will they have the solutions, but that’s why you are paying them. They will be able to help you determine all of the international shipping costs before you even sign on to the new product. This way there will be no surprises since they can help you with ocean freight rates as well as HTS codes for customs clearance and any other aspect of international shipping that you may have forgotten. Handling a new product can be just as easy as the ones that are already moving. The key is to use resources that are available and not be afraid to ask questions of your freight forwarder. Even if the product is shipping from an area that is new to your company, they should be able to set you up and handle all of your company’s shipping needs.