Shipping Seafood

Shipping seafood has become progressively easier as new technologies come in to play and the world becomes more and more homogeneous in its tastes. Airfreight has for the most part always been the shipping favorite because of the obvious speed to market, but there are other logistics players now that can be just as useful. In fact many companies have begun looking to trucking for shipments that are within a reasonable driving distance and others have combined the two for easier exporting internationally.

Either way there are a few things to remember when shipping seafood whether domestic or abroad. Some of the more standard needs will be how the product is packaged, using liners and dry and gel ice as opposed to wet ice, and always chill before packing in the boxes, etc. Beyond the basics though there are other concerns you should be aware of and the best way to get started is through freight forwarder. In particular using one that specializes in moving seafood can save you both time and money with your shipments. Not only will freight forwarders know proper documentation but they will have a better rapport with the airlines and they will know how the products are stored. In the end your shipment will have a much easier transit to its destination.

Whether you are shipping via truck or air, with or without a freight broker, it is important to make sure you have all of the details before setting up the shipment. Being organized will be your greatest asset for getting your seafood to market both safely and quickly.