Shipping to South Korea

One of the top shipping nations in the Far East is South Korea. While China is certainly the largest shipping nation in the Far East, and worldwide, South Korea is still becoming a large shipping nation too. The top shipping ports in South Korea include Daegu, Incheon and Busan, which was the 5th largest shipping port Worldwide in 2012 with 17.02 Million TEUs.

Supply chains and manufacturers are looking at South Korea as an ideal location due to many factors, including the emerging shipping industry. For many years, including today, South Korea built a strong reputation as a global exporter of goods. Many popular high-tech products, including retail products used for wireless communication, are exported from South Korea to the United States and around the World.

On June 30th 2007, South Korea and the United States signed a free trade agreement to improve the trade relations between the two nations. New agreements of the trade agreement were officially recognized beginning March 15th, 2012. The new agreements improve trade by making nearly 80% of the shipments between the US and South Korea duty free. Remaining tariffs will also be eliminated in ten years.

Despite the new trade agreement, the United States is not the largest trade partner with South Korea. Their largest trade partner is China. Trade between China and South Korea is more than double of the trade between the US and South Korea. Receive an instant international shipping quote for shipping your container from the United States to South Korea.