Best Way to Ship from Asia

Shipping from Asia can only be a difficult process if you let it. Even though it is half way around the world from the United States, we live in an international economic melting pot now and everything is possible across the miles. Hooking up with a good international freight forwarder can be a good first step. Many times they can handle your entire move as part of their global shipping services. They will advise you of the options you have to import your cargo. This should include both all water (AW) and mini-land-bridge (MLB) options as well as whether you want to move by truck or by rail from the west coast. Most of the choices you will make depend on how quickly you want your cargo to arrive and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Whether you are on the east or west coast or in the middle of America, you can ship your cargo any way you wish. Obviously shipping to the west coast would not be MLB, however you may have options for delivery that you were not aware of. Maybe you are in California, but not near the coast. You may have a rail line close by that can deliver your shipping container without having the trucking mileage adding up. This would only make sense if your cargo is not time sensitive and you are looking for cheaper transit options. Your freight forwarding company should explain these options to you in detail however, rail is generally cheaper than trucking, but shipping AW is almost always cheaper than MLB. Whatever the choice, just make sure that your shipping partners are aware of your limitations before you ship.