North Korea and Shipping

North Korea has been taking chances with the United Nations (UN) and sanctions have been hitting North Korea harder than ever before. Recently Kim Jong Un has been escalating rhetoric to include the United States and its military is setting up for conflict. All of this has started with North Korean aggression with a nuclear program and UN sanctions that have cut off North Korea to most of the world. Even China, North Korea’s long time ally has become suspect of the new leaders’ motives in provoking world leaders.

The sanctions against North Korea are becoming more devastating as pressure mounts and the international shipping community has generally been kept out of the region. Since the United States has not had an open trade relationship with North Korea in quite some time, it is hard to tell how this will affect us in the long run. International trade between China and North Korea has been strained since China signed its UN agreement but there is no way for us to see what kind of back room deals are happening between the two nations.

With all of the tension in this part of Asia, it is best for the international logistics industry to stay out of any politics. As long as shipping lines and their customers are following the international laws, there should be no trouble and the shipping industry will continue business as usual until otherwise advised. If your company is looking to start doing business in this part of the world, it is important to check into all laws and regulations before shipping to avoid any problems.