Shipping Contract

Often overlooked, the shipping contract plays an extremely important role in the international transportation process. The contract sets the legal guidelines and parameters that the carrier, the freight forwarder and the shipping parties must abide by. Some shippers assume that all shipping contracts are the same. That is simply not true. These contracts are unique to the shipper, commodity and the destination port. Thus, the contracts can be different every time. The problem is that many shippers do not notice these differences. Some shippers do not check all of the fine print in their ocean container shipping contact with the carrier or forwarder. Some shippers assume that their shipment is fully covered against all problems. These particular shippers do not hire a company lawyer to examine the details of the contact. And often, without doing their homework, these shippers do not notice any irregularities in the contract, nor if there is any language that might violate international freight laws.
The next time you receive a freight-shipping contract, it might be best to go over a few things. Check over the payment requirements that you would have to make, and reinforce the exact services provided by the ocean freight carrier. Part of the contract will deal with insurance, so check over what is covered and what is not covered. By accomplishing this, you will cover outstanding liability issues. After reading the contract over, with the help of a lawyer, you might be able to negotiate the contract to fit your needs.